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Container security

Aqua Security Wins 2018 Security Trailblazer Awards

February 19, 2019

Aqua recognized for taking an innovative approach to solving cloud native and container security challenges BOSTON – February 19, 2019 – Aqua Security, the leading platform provider for securing container-based and serverless cloud-native applications, today announced has been selected as a winning Security Trailblazer in the 2018 Tech Trailblazers Awards. The awards program focuses on […]

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Singlepoint partners with Aqua Security

February 13, 2019

Singlepoint’s integration with Aqua creates a valuable shortcut that allows security issues to be detected early and fixed quickly, preventing escalated security incidents in production.

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Aqua Security Wins Multiple Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards

February 12, 2019

Aqua Co-founder and CTO Amir Jerbi honored as a visionary who recognized the need for a new approach to security in a cloud native world BOSTON – February 12, 2019 – Aqua Security, the leading platform provider for securing container-based and cloud native applications, today announced that Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information […]

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container security

Kubernetes, Docker, ContainerD Impacted by RunC Container Runtime Bug

February 12, 2019

“There are always going to be vulnerabilities,” Rani Osnat, vice president of product marketing at Aqua Security, told SDxCentral during the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 event in Seattle. “The fact that one was found was to be expected. And I expect more will be found going forward. That’s just what should be expected […]

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Cloud native security

How to explain Kubernetes Operators in plain English

February 11, 2019

“Operators can simplify how you run Kubernetes applications, removing the complexity of managing the nuts and bolts of Kubernetes, and allowing you to do so in a repeatable manner,” says Amir Jerbi, CTO at Aqua Security.

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Serverless and containerizations trends, post-Kubernetes open-source computing, Container Sandboxing, Datadog and Container Security, Tech comparisons resources and more.

February 7, 2019

2018 is behind us, and what a year it was for cloud native… it seems that every major organization is now either deploying Kubernetes, or planning to. As we gear up to 2019, we’re excited with the prospects of what it might bring. We started the year with some interesting webinars with Datadog and about […]

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DevSecOps tools

Mitigating the Security Risks of Cloud-Native Applications

February 5, 2019

Traditional security tools cannot handle the velocity, scale, and dynamic networking capabilities of containers. Taking this a step further, serverless functions prioritize simplicity and agility by abstracting infrastructure concerns to provide a simple execution environment for applications and microservices. Attackers may leverage a vulnerability in base images used for containers, outsourced libraries or in serverless […]

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Container security needs call for more DevSecOps talent

January 31, 2019

More businesses need a “shift left” mentality to move security to the start of the development and build process and test for vulnerabilities earlier, according to Liz Rice, technology evangelist for Aqua Security. If there is a problem with one of the dependencies, a developer can be notified earlier instead of waiting until the end of […]

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