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Security Software Reviews, 2019: Lab Tests of Today’s Top Tools

December 26, 2019

The Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform uses an inherent advantage of containers, the fact that they are always highly specialized for their jobs, to create a cybersecurity structure based on whitelisting.

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Network Computing Year in Review

December 17, 2019

If 2018 was the year of learning about Kubernetes, then 2019 was the year of deploying Kubernetes in production. “Helped by maturing standards and management platforms, such as Red Hat OpenShift and Rancher, as well as managed offerings from AWS (EKS), Azure (AKS), and Google (GKE), many of the global 1000 are now deploying production […]

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Secure DevOps

Kubernetes-Hungry Businesses Recruit To Fill Their Skill Gaps At KubeCon

December 10, 2019

“There are thousands of people here from companies moving to cloud native,” says Liz Rice, vice president of open source engineering at Aqua Security, which provides security for cloud native deployments. “This is changing the dynamic to mature software that people are using in production.” Why is Kubernetes so important? Docker containers made it easy […]

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5 Top Cybersecurity and DevOps Trends for 2020

December 9, 2019

Rani Osnat, Vice President of Strategy for Aqua Security, thinks 2020 may be the year that DevOps teams finally reach critical mass in many organizations. That’s to say, their workloads will finally balloon out of control. As Osnat predicted: “DevOps teams will find themselves taking on more and more responsibilities, including more security and quality automation. […]

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Security Boulevard

Aqua Security Acquires CloudSploit to Monitor Configs

November 13, 2019

Aqua Security has acquired CloudSploit, a provider of tools for monitoring configurations of cloud services, as part of an effort to extend its cybersecurity portfolio. Rani Osnat, vice president of strategy for Aqua Security, said the acquisition further extends the reach of Aqua Security’s portfolio beyond containers, virtual machines and serverless computing frameworks to include service posture management.

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SDX Central

Aqua Buys CloudSploit, Moves Into Cloud Security Posture Management

November 12, 2019

“We wanted to get into this adjacent space,” said Rani Osnat, VP of strategy at Aqua Security. “We see a consolidation in the market, and we see customers wanting to get more out of the vendors they work with.” And, Osnat added, cloud security posture management looked like a smart move for Aqua, which started in 2015 […]

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Silicon Angle

Aqua Security Buys CloudSploit to Expand into Cloud Security Posture Management

November 12, 2019

For Aqua Security, the acquisition adds cloud security posture management to its existing Aqua Container Security Platform. Launched in 2016, the tool is designed for securing containerized environments while offering users greater control over the security and compliance needs of their software containers, which are used to enable applications to be run on multiple computing systems, data centers […]

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Container security

Aqua Security Expands into Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) with the Acquisition of CloudSploit

November 12, 2019

Aqua also deepens its VM Security capabilities for comprehensive cloud workload protection BOSTON – November 12, 2019 – Aqua Security, the leading platform provider for securing container-based, serverless, and cloud native applications today announced its expansion into cloud security posture management (CSPM) with its acquisition of CloudSploit. CloudSploit’s SaaS-based platform allows customers to monitor their […]

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