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Researchers Show Docker Containers at Risk for Crypto-Currency Attacks

February 16, 2018

Researchers at Aqua Security Software said that they’d heard about crypto-currency mining attacks on Docker containers and wanted to learn how they were carried out. They also wanted to check the operations of the Aqua Container Security Platform. To accomplish this, they set up a honeypot.

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How DevSecOps Protects AppSec From The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

January 25, 2018

DevSecOps may not be a 100% solution for cybersecurity skills shortage, but it can make it less of a concern in the AppSec realm.

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Container & DevSecOps Digest | January: 2017 – The year of container security

January 16, 2018

Happy new year from the Aqua team! In this first edition of the year, we wanted to look back at 2017 and share with you some of Aqua’s important milestones from the past year

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2018 is the right time to “shift left” with DevSecOps

January 15, 2018

DevOps teams have been on board to risk assess the security and compliance posture of container environments and applications, but few people outside the dev team currently know what containers are.  So out of necessity, Development and DevOps teams became responsible for container security.

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Docker Security Issues and Best Practices as We Enter 2018

January 10, 2018

Some container security tools like Aqua Security take these criteria into account, and proactively monitor for times when these rules are violated. Additionally, these container security tools leverage machine learning for threat detection. They are able to analyze large quantities of data both internal and external, and surface any suspicious user activity, new devices, and […]

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Big50-2017 Startup Spotlight: Aqua Security

January 8, 2018

What they do: Provide security for virtual container environments. Why they’re in the Big 50-2017: Aqua Security did well in Big50-2017 online voting, and considering how young this market niche is, a $25 million Series B is a huge haul for a container startup.

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Best of TechBeacon 2017: The state of security

January 3, 2018

Passwords, API keys, and access tokens help keep your source code secure, so it’s vital to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. But do you know how to keep these secrets safe in a container environment? What are the measures you need to take to secure keys, passwords, and tokens and ensure […]

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Hackers Are Out to Wreck 2018: Here’s How

December 13, 2017

“One of the consequences of DevOps, and the increased need to automate everything, is that your automation scripts and your automation tools need to have access to everything very fast,” explains Liz Rice, technology evangelist at Aqua Security.

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