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DockerCon 2017 Video Interview with Aqua CTO, Amir Jerbi

April 21, 2017

Aqua’s security platform for Docker container-based applications is a comprehensive solution. With features that include risk management for the container development pipeline, full CI/CD automation, advanced runtime defenses that include automated profiling of container behavior, network nano-segmentation for containers, and secrets management, it simplifies the process securing containerized applications and removes obstacles to adopting Docker in the enterprise.

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10 Vendors Working to Secure Containers From Modern Threats

April 19, 2017

eWeek lists Aqua among 10 vendors that are providing container security solutions and services.

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Container Security and DevSecOps: The Old Rules No Longer Apply

April 19, 2017

A common concern of running a container environment is how to ensure that only authorized images can run as containers. Organizations are also challenged with finding a way to implement software and configuration standards in those images, across all product groups and development teams.

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SD Times

Namespaces: A key to container security

April 17, 2017

Everyone is talking about containers these days, but what do containers actually mean for software development? There are many different pieces involved to put a successful containerized application together. SD Times caught up with Liz Rice, technology evangelist for container security specialist Aqua Security, to talk about a very important piece: Namespaces. Rice will be speaking at this week’s DockerCon about namespaces, and what they can do for containers.

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AppDynamics interviews container expert Liz Rice

April 10, 2017

Containers can touch everything in the software life cycle, from the development process through continuous delivery approaches, orchestration, security, and site reliability — so the process of adopting containers can seem overwhelming at first. But you don’t necessarily have to do everything all at once!

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Aqua Ramps for Growth With Key Executive Hires

April 4, 2017

The Container Security Leader Taps Upesh Patel to Lead Business Development and David Segev to Run International Sales as Global Expansion Continues

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How best practices fix security holes in supply chain

April 3, 2017

Software and data risks are always present, but how security is managed and threats are resolved makes all the difference.

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Seven ways the mature Docker container architecture changes the game

April 1, 2017

To run Docker containers in production, you need to design a Docker container architecture that best meets your needs.

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