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Aqua’s cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) delivers security without the blindspots, with deep visibility across environments and workloads, and centralized cloud native security from development through production.

Take a hands-on tour with one of Aqua’s cybersecurity experts and discover how you can fill the gaps in your organization’s security posture. 

  • Identify true risks in container images, functions, VM images, IaC templates, and other cloud native artifacts 
  • Prioritize issues based on contextual factors so you can reduce the noise and have a greater impact with the time you invest 
  • Detect hidden malware and advanced threats that only manifest at runtime and can’t be detected using static scanning, so you can more effectively secure your software supply chain 
  • Properly configure and harden your single or multi-cloud IaaS and Kubernetes environments 
  • Secure workloads in runtime with container drift prevention and accelerate time-to-remediation for active threats with cloud native detection and response (CNDR) 
  • Track, audit, and report compliance with best practices and regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR 

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