Brand Guidelines

This page provides an overview and guidelines on how to use our brand elements. Using these assets and following the guidelines will ensure the accurate communication of the Aqua brand.

Aqua's Logo

Aqua's Logomark (or Favicon) should always be in full color when used.
The full color version and full black version of the Aqua logo should always be used on white or lighter backgrounds.
The white version of the Aqua logo should always be used on black or darker backgrounds.
We only use our logo in a horizontal structure, and it is never stacked vertically.

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Aqua's Brand

Our main colors are shown in the diagram below. The Aqua Logomark (favicon) includes 3 different shades of blue, yellow, and 2 different shades of orange.
The "Aqua" text within the logo will always be the dark grey.

Aqua Brand Colors Diagram

Aqua's Brand Page

Aqua's Font

Our font of use is the Google Font: Nunito Sans. We continually use the Regular, SemiBold, and Bold weights of the font.
An image below of different weights and sizes of Nunito Sans are shown for visualization.
We don't have a strict set of rules, but make sure there is a hierarchy when using the font's weights and sizes.

Aqua's Brand Google Font

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Open Source Software

Kube Hunter, Kube Bench, and Trivy are 3 of Aqua's Open Source software.
Each with their own logo, we have included their brand identities for download.

Open Source Software Logos

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