Brand Guidelines

This page provides an overview and guidelines on how to use our brand elements. Using these assets and following the guidelines will ensure the accurate communication of the Aqua brand.

Aqua Trademarks Usage Guidelines

Aqua's Logo

Aqua’s full-color logo must be used, with these exceptions:
- On Blue Royal backgrounds: use the full-white logo
- On other dark backgrounds: use the white-text logo

We only use our logo in a horizontal structure, and it is never stacked vertically.

Aqua Security Logos

Download Logo Versions

Aqua's Brand Colors

Aqua's main color is Blue Royal. We have 7 secondary colors: Aqua Legacy, Sea Foam, Electric Starfish, Fire Coral, Deep Sea, Ocean Ash, and Dark Abyss.

Download Aqua's Brand Colors

Aqua's Font

We use the Google font Inter (semi-bold and bold weights)
Download Aqua's Brand Font

Open Source Software

kube-hunter, kube-bench, trivy, tracee, and cloudsploit are five of Aqua's Open Source software offerings.
Each has its own logo, which can be downloaded

Download OSS Logos