NCR Attains Security & PCI Compliance For Its Container-Based Applications

The NCR team reviewed the leading container-native solutions and chose Aqua Security for its ability to provide the needed functionality, and more importantly, as a partner in its journey to implementing cloud native architectures.

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The world's leading enterprises trust Aqua

Clarizen Secures its Kubernetes Development Pipeline with Aqua Security
Clarizen secured its container-based development pipeline and runtime environment by using the Aqua platform. By using Aqua's cloud-native security platform, Clarizen gained visibility on identifying issues early in the development cycle, ensuring security and best practices are continuously applied, and preventing breaches in real time.
Video Compliance Tech Innovator Ensures Compliance Of Its Own Software with Aqua
Having tested various commercial solutions and open-source tools, Theta Lake chose the Aqua Container Security Platform to secure its container image development pipeline and runtime environments. Aqua’s compatibility and tight integration with many AWS container services were key considerations, as well as the solution’s availability on the AWS Marketplace and the ability to use it on demand.
A CloudSploit Case Study: Trek10's Three AWS Cloud Security Concerns & One Solution
This case study explains three areas of security AWS accounts struggled with and mismanaged. CloudSploit's open source configuration monitoring tool helped Trek10 to scan, secure, and gain visibility into the flaws of AWS accounts.
AIB Centralizes their Container Security with Aqua
AIB's leading product, titlesDesk, making its transition to cloud native, was in need of a security vendor to support compliance requirements and keep their customers' information secure. Aqua provided AIB with end-to-end security enabling real-time monitoring and feedback, and vulnerability management and drift prevention to secure their CI/CD pipeline.