U.S. Federal Government Agency Realizing The Full Potential of Cloud Native Transformation

While accelerating agency innovation

Agency Challenges

This federal agency was challenged with tackling key issues to meet their mission-critical digital technology and innovation acceleration objectives as they embraced moving into a next-generation DevSecOps approach.

These challenges included:

• Transitioning from a traditional way of building and securing applications to utilizing full lifecycle security for next-gen applications running on their Kubernetes/Container environment

• Removing the silo and shadow IT to create a more unified collaboration between developers, operations, and security teams

• Consolidating vendors and replacing existing system(s) with a cloud native workload protection platform

• Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities

• Developing and adopting Policy Management guidelines to meet industry and organizational standards

• Image assurance in pre-built Docker images

• Pipeline integrations


This federal agency reviewed other cloud security platforms before selecting Aqua’s Enterprise Platform. Aqua’s full end-to-end security platform is created on one single, unified platform, and has been a clear standout.

Why Aqua?

This agency ultimately chose Aqua because of our holistic application security architecture and engaged key agency executives in open communication and visibility regarding all aspects of agency security and DevSecOps. Aqua solved each of the challenges listed above by understanding what the challenges meant to the federal agency.