Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Architecture: Security Built In

Make security an enabler of cloud migration, hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments, with persistent controls that follow your workloads wherever they run

Aqua provides full lifecycle security controls for containers and serverless functions, coupled with compatibility and integrations with all orchestrators and cloud providers. We enable organizations to keep their cloud strategies flexible, while ensuring uniform security and compliance enforcement across environments.

Integrated With Your Cloud

Aqua has partnered with AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and VMware to ensure that our software not only runs smoothly on every environment, but leverages native registries, orchestration, IAM, monitoring and log collection.

Cross-Cluster Segmentation

Aqua's application-contextual container firewall allows you to segment workloads within the same environment or across clusters and clouds, preventing the spread of attacks while enabling you to deploy with maximum efficiency.

Built for Multi-Tenant Environments

Manage multiple team deployments or multiple customer tenancies using from a central console. Maintain separation of data and access, ensuring complete isolation between tenants.

Scans Images and Functions

Comprehensively scan container images and serverless functions for known vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, OSS licensing issues, malware, and configuration issues - before they are deployed.

Protecting Serverless
Aqua protects containers both on VMs (Aqua Enforcer), or in serverless environments such as AWS Fargate and Azure Container Instance (Aqua MicroEnforcer) - controlled from a single console with consistent policy enforcement.