Cloud Native Detection and Response CNDR

Aqua’s CNDR solution surfaces actionable insights for quick detection, investigation, and response.

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See how CNDR prevents and detects sophisticated cloud native attacks in real time

Turnkey Automation

Get started fast with out-of-the-box detections that feature a simple on or off configuration.

Lower total time-to-detection

Reduce time spent identifying attacks with prioritization of critical incidents.

Detect in Real-time

Detect attacks early to prevent a larger incident and mitigate with runtime controls.

Behavioral detection of compromise

Identify malware, indications of compromise, and unknown attacks on your cloud native workloads.

Learn about Aqua’s behavioral detection engine

Stop attackers with Runtime Controls

Reduce attackers’ ability to operate with policies that permit or block workload activities.

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More certainty, less noise

Know with certainty when an attacker is exploiting your workload by correlating behavioral indicators of compromise with known attack patterns.

Uncover Malware Payload Executions Automatically with Tracee

Real world threat intelligence built in

Threat research, from Aqua’s Team Nautilus, informs our Tracee detection engine which helps security teams detect and deal with the highest priority attacks.

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eBPF for deep visibility

Gain deep visibility into your cloud native environment with kernel level visibility using Enterprise Berkely Packet Filter (eBPF) technology.

Real-world Log4j attacks blog

Reduce dwell time, thwart threat persistence

With drift prevention, automatically prevent any lateral movement or escalation within or between your cloud workloads. Only run what should run, and block everything else without interrupting business continuity.

Stopping a DreamBus Botnet Attack with Aqua's CNDR

Determine impact and attack path

Assess impact with minimal effort and understand the attacker’s path through your environment. On the timeline you can find the full event data and the attack tactic and technique mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

CVE-2021-44228 aka Log4Shell Vulnerability Explained