Aqua Tracee: Runtime eBPF threat detection engine

Detect known and unknown attacks with the most comprehensive eBPF-based threat detection engine

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The power of eBPF
Driven by security research
Easy to deploy
Reliable and accurate detection
Tracee uses the latest eBPF technology to observe system activity directly from the operating system kernel. With full coverage of Linux system calls, complemented by an additional set of custom security events, Tracee provides high quality, accurate results.
Behavioral Indicators
Tracee uses behavioral indicators of defense evasion techniques to identify attacks. Tracee’s rules library is maintained by Aqua’s cyber research team, Nautilus, and displays suspicious behavior such as fileless execution or kernel module loading.
Kubernetes and container environments
Using Tracee with Kubernetes and Docker to start protecting your runtime workloads is as simple as a “kubectl create” or “docker run” command. Tracee events can be easily consumed via a webhook interface or sent to a favorite notification system.

The most powerful, accurate and reliable eBPF-based detection engine

Tracee has used eBPF since inception and collects 330 syscalls (and other non syscall events) right out of the box. Unlike solutions built on kernel modules, eBPF is safe and fast. And Tracee uses cutting edge eBPF features to prevent evasion by attackers.

Detect suspicious behavior patterns with Tracee Rules

Curated behavioral indicators identify defense evasion techniques, as defined in the MITRE Att&CK framework, based on the events collected by the Tracee’s eBPF engine. Indicators include activity such as fileless execution, anti-debugging and kernel module loading.

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Easy deployment, maximum portability and easy integrations

Deploying Tracee with Kubernetes and Docker is a simple “kubectl create” or “docker run” command. Run Tracee with and without BTF support and enjoy maximum portability for different Linux versions using CO:RE mode. Send Tracee data to external notification tools such as Slack or GitHub Actions via projects such as Postee.

Customize and filter intel by relevance and priority

Use filters to customize where to look for events within specific clusters, containers and hosts. Capture artifacts such as network packets and executables for further analysis only from the most meaningful locations. View insights easily from output templates ranging from JSON files to a GO template for customization.

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Relied on for industry-leading threat detection

Tracee is the eBPF engine behind industry-first commercial capabilities of the Aqua Platform such as Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA), the container sandbox, and Cloud Native Detection and Response (CNDR). DTA, CNDR and Tracee are the only solutions in the industry to combine behavioral indicators from a dedicated cloud native security research team, Nautilus, with eBPF events for real-time threat detection in runtime.