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The year ahead: Security experts predict 21 key trends for ’21

January 11, 2021

4. Cloud-based services will come under increased attack Infrastructure as code (IaC), platform as a service, and software as a service will attract more attention than ever from attackers in 2021. Amir Jerbi, CTO of Aqua Security, a cloud application security provider, explained that, because DevOps increasingly uses IaC templates to automate provisioning of cloud-native platforms, […]

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Open source strategy: 5 keys to success

January 7, 2021

“Our open source projects are all intended to be useful, standalone tools in their own right,” says Liz Rice, VP of open source engineering at Aqua Security. “We also incorporate them into our commercial platform, where they become part of a much more sophisticated and interconnected system, but we don’t hold back features from the open […]

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From diversity efforts to pandemic recovery, workforce issues will evolve in 2021

January 4, 2021

DevOps and DevSecOps will evolve into “platform teams” in many organizations, says Liz Rice, vice president of open source engineering at Aqua Security: “New ‘platform teams’ will take the lead on enterprises’ strategy for what historically been within the purview of cloud operations, security, and development tooling functions, to provide a higher-level abstraction to application […]

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Cloud security in 2021: Kubernetes attacks, DevOps, supply chain and more

December 29, 2020

New year, new cyberattacks? 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year, but what does 2021 have in store? We asked the cloud security experts at Aqua Security and Fugue for their predictions for 2021 and it looks like it’ll be another interesting year (hopefully more interesting and less “interesting”). Here’s what they had to say about Kubernetes, […]

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Shifting mindsets from DevOps to DevSecOps

December 18, 2020

DevOps is a set of practices that looks to combine and automate the processes between software development and operational teams during an application life cycle. Although the current DevOps mindset is certainly an improvement on the traditional method of software development where the development and operations teams were kept separate, it could still do with […]

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8 automation trends to watch in 2021

December 15, 2020

4. More maturation of tools around Kubernetes Kubernetes is itself fundamentally an automation technology. As it matures and adoption continues growing, expect to see more automation built around Kubernetes and how teams use it. “2021 will see more automation around Kubernetes, specifically around the deployment process,” says Eran Bibi, director of DevOps and cloud platform […]

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The future of DevOps: 21 predictions for 2021

December 9, 2020

CISOs will embrace DevSecOps methodologies. Cloud-native security will rise higher on the agenda for CISOs as their organizations embrace Kubernetes, serverless, and other cloud-native technologies. It’s a significant cultural shift to embed security within DevOps practices, but it’s necessary: Businesses are moving to the cloud so they can deliver new features quickly and at high frequency, and […]

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Container, Serverless & Cloud Native Security Flash – December 2020

December 8, 2020

With 2021 just around the corner, it’s time to wrap up the past year and look at what will define the cloud native industry in the year ahead. We’ve gathered key insights, predictions, and trends for you to explore. Check out the excellent Datadog’s report on real-world container use, the new AWS container security survey, […]

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