Aqua Announces Series A Funding Led by Microsoft
$9 Million Investment to Fuel Aqua Security's Expansion in The Virtual Container Market
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Deep, Automated Security for Your Containers

The Aqua Container Security Platform was architected to run on-prem or in the cloud, with full development-to-production lifecycle controls for securing containerized applications.
Runtime Protection
Gain real-time visibility into container activity, enforce policies, and detect and prevent configuration errors, exploits and attacks.
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Continuous Image Assurance
Scan images for vulnerabilities and malicious behavior, enforce image integrity and permissions from dev to production.
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Auditing & Compliance
Track and audit events in your containerized applications, with real-time logging of granular event data and SIEM integration.
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User Access Control
Fine-grained access control that enforces role-based access privileges at the container level, with full end-user accountability.
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Docker Security
Scalable security controls for Docker environments that provide optimal, contextualized hardening and runtime protection of the entire stack.
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Container Isolation
Lock down container activity to permit only legitimate behaviors, preventing damage to other containers and to the host, and ensuring SLAs.
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