Continuous Image Assurance

Continuous Image Assurance & Vulnerability Scanning

Aqua’s continuous image assurance is the most comprehensive, automated solution on the market for scanning and locking down container and serverless function images, with deep scanning of layers for vulnerabilities, and persistent controls to assure image integrity throughout its lifecycle.

Deep Vulnerability Scanning

Scanning both OS packages (RPM, Deb) and languages (Java, NodeJS, Python, C/C++, PHP, and Ruby).

Container Cyber Intelligence

Constantly updated database of more than 5M signatures and new attack vectors from our research team.

Image Fingerprinting

Binary hash uniquely identifies images and ensures their integrity, preventing the tampering with or spoofing of images from dev to production.

Image Lockdown

Disallow the use of unauthorized images across your entire environment. Identify and flag containers that cannot be traced back to approved images.

Use Across Registries

Scan images in Docker Hub, Docker DTR, CoreOS Quay, Amazon ECR, Azure ACR, Google GCR, JFrog Artifactory, or any V1/ V2 private registry.

Default Security Profiles

Secures popular official images ’out of the box’, provided and updated by our research team.

Automate with CI/CD Integration

Use your continuous integration and delivery tools to trigger scans and enforce policy across your DevOps pipeline:
Microsoft VSTS
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