Aqua News Aqua Security Study Finds Half of UK Organisations Consider AI Threats the Biggest Cloud Security Risk

Study finds a lack of understanding around cloud security remains key challenge

LONDON – March 26, 2024Aqua Security, the pioneer in cloud native security, has announced the results of a new study which reveals that 50% of UK firms consider AI-powered threats to be the top cloud security threat to their business, yet less than half (38.5%) are confident in their ability to tackle those threats. Cloud misconfigurations (34.6%), zero-day attacks (34.6%) and software supply chain attacks (31.7%) were also cited as significant threats to cloud security.

The survey was conducted at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo at Tech Show London earlier this month and gathered insights from 100+ cloud professionals at the event. When compared with a similar survey conducted 12 months ago, the results indicate a need for further education on Cloud Native Security. This latest study showed a 24% increase in respondents citing a lack of understanding as their most significant barrier to effective cloud security.

Key results included:

  • 50% of respondents perceived AI-powered threats to be the biggest cloud security threat to their business, and 38.5% rated AI-driven security measures as their key priority for the next 12 months.
  • Zero-day attacks have become a key concern, with 34.6% rating them a top threat.
  • Lack of understanding remains the biggest barrier to effective Cloud Native Security (52.9%) alongside limited budget (42.3%) and integrating new tools with existing security solutions (43.3%).

“AI-driven attacks represent a new threat that are becoming increasingly common,” explained Michal Lewy-Harush, Chief Information Officer, Aqua Security. “The cybersecurity industry will have to innovate rapidly to stay ahead in the AI race, focusing on building resilience and developing new standards and best practises. Positively, these results indicate that organisations are prioritising AI security, which will hopefully lead to action.”

Limited Knowledge of Regulations

The survey also indicated that awareness remains low around new compliance obligations. Nearly half – 46.5 % – were unsure of their organisation’s ability to comply with supply chain regulations and frameworks such as NIS 2 or SBOM. And of those respondents who work in the finance sector, 30% were unaware of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which came into force in the UK in January 2023. Just over a third – 35% – were confident of their organisations ability to comply.

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