Aqua Container Security Platform

Built to Scale Across Cloud-Native Environments

Aqua’s cloud-native security platform provides full visibility and control over containerized environments, with tight runtime security controls and intrusion prevention capabilities, at any scale. The platform provides programmatic access to all its functions via an API, for easy integration and automation.

Leverage Containers to Improve Security

Secure applications before they are deployed, enforcing container immutability, and easily detecting and blocking anomalies based on the application context.

Enable DevSecOps Across Your Pipeline

Automatically test images within your CI/CD pipeline for vulnerabilities, malware, embedded secrets and configuration issues, preventing unapproved images from running.

Secure Once,
Deploy Anywhere

Apply consistent security policies across hybrid cloud environments, scale across teams, enable segregation of duties, and ensure future interoperability.


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Securing the Pipeline

  • Scan images for vulnerabilities, secrets, malware and configuration issues
  • Allow developers to fix issues within their CI/CD tools
  • Prevent unapproved images from running in your environment

Automating Runtime Protection

  • Allow only legitimate container behavior, based on machine-learned activities
  • Enforce least privileges on containers, preventing zero-day attacks
  • Visualize connectivity and prevent network  lateral movement with microservices firewall

Enabling Compliance

  • Log container events, policy violations, and user activity
  • Securely manage container access to ‘secrets’ across environments
  • Integrate with SIEM, monitoring and analytics tools