Aqua for VMware AppDefense: Unified Security for VMs and Containers

Secure applications across VMs and containers with Aqua and VMware AppDefense with single pane-of-glass visibility

aqua vmware appdefense diagram 18

Real-time Visibility & Control

Automatically discover containerized workloads, view real-time container vulnerability status, approved/unapproved containers, and policy violation alerts, directly within VMware AppDefense.

Zero-config runtime protection

Protect workloads with Aqua’s automated, machine-learned security profiles by whitelisting legitimate container behavior, to prevent zero-day attacks, and privileged user abuse.

Continuous Monitoring, Detection & Response

Automatically detect and respond to workloads’ anomalous activity (e.g. block suspicious executable or communication). Event data is sent to AppDefense for further investigation.

Audit & Compliance

Generate granular audit trails of all container activity, including scan events, access, and secrets activity. Event logs can be easily exported into analytics and SIEM solutions.