Aqua News Portworx Annual Container Adoption Survey Shows Container Adoption Accelerates While Security and Data Management Concerns Remain Top of Mind

Portworx Partners with Aqua Security for 2019 Report, Reveals Increasing Financial Investment in Containers as Enterprises Motivated by Increased Developer Speed and Efficiency

LOS ALTOS, Calif., May 21, 2019Portworx, the cloud-native storage and data management company modern enterprises trust to manage data in containers, and Aqua Security, a market leader in protecting container-based applications, today announced the results of their joint 2019 Annual Container Adoption Survey. The report features insights from over 500 IT professionals across a variety of industries and company sizes. The survey, conducted in April and May, asked questions about the state of container usage, tooling, environments and barriers to adoption, to get a snapshot of the container market landscape today and its evolution over time. This year, Portworx and Aqua Security joined forces to understand container adoption with a special focus on container security.

The 2019 survey reveals that 87 percent of IT professionals are now running container technologies, with 90 percent of those running in production and 7 in 10 running at least 40 percent of their application portfolio in containers — an impressive increase from two years ago, when just 67 percent of teams were running container technologies in production. Yet despite their pervasiveness, containers aren’t without hurdles: when asked to name their top challenges to container adoption, respondents most frequently cited security (51%), data management (40%) and cross-cloud/multiple cloud support (36%).  Portworx is also announcing today Portworx Enterprise 2.2 to directly address these security, data and multi-cloud challenges and give enterprises more control over their mission critical data by making essential capabilities like DR, business continuity, backups, restores, and migrations of containerized apps faster and easier, all while maintaining data security.

“As more enterprises capitalize on the speed and agility of the cloud-native model, ensuring the security and integrity of their data has quickly emerged as a top concern for teams deploying containers in production,” said Gou Rao, CTO of Portworx. “Portworx Enterprise 2.2 provides the robust capabilities enterprises need to take advantage of containerized applications while ensuring their data remains data available anywhere, and secure everywhere.”

“Container technologies are now used to run mission critical enterprise applications, which means security in cloud native environments must be made absolutely bulletproof to protect enterprises’ most sensitive data and applications,” said Rani Osnat, VP of Product Marketing at Aqua Security. “As our survey with Portworx reveals, IT professionals recognize this need and will not accept trade-offs when they move to cloud native computing. Security will always be top of mind for enterprises, even as they capitalize on the increased speed and innovation that containers bring.”

Other Key Findings:

  • Organizations are making bigger investments in containers. In 2019, nearly one in five organizations is spending over $1 million annually on containers (17%). Compare this to just four percent in 2016.
  • Data security tops the list of security challenges with a super majority of respondents (61%) listing this as their top security challenges, followed by vulnerability management (43%) and runtime protection (34%).
  • For the third year in a row, increasing developer speed and efficiency is the primary driver of container adoption with 37 percent of respondents listing it as the top benefit.
  • When asked which team bears the main responsibility for container security, most (31%) named the organization’s security team, with a joint responsibility or DevSecOps in second place (24%). However, respondents’ own roles influenced their answer, with 47% of DevOps respondents naming DevSecOps as the main owner and 54% of Security respondents named Security as the main owner.

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