Aqua Collaborates with Red Hat to Deliver Certified Container Security on the Red Hat OpenShift Platform

Aqua Container Security Platform Now Published in The Red Hat Container Catalog; Fully Interoperable with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 26, 2017 — Aqua Security, the award-winning provider of container security solutions, today announced its collaboration with Red Hat that extends Aqua’s powerful container security capabilities to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. With Red Hat certification and publication in the Red Hat Container Catalog, enterprise customers can pursue a container-based development strategy knowing that Aqua’s full-lifecycle container security and compliance controls are completely interoperable with the Red Hat container portfolio, including Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Red Hat Atomic Host.

“The focus of PaaS and container platforms has always been to simplify the customer experience in deploying applications into production,” said Julio Tapia, Director, OpenShift Ecosystem, Red Hat. “We are happy to collaborate with Aqua to enable more confidence and bring more choice for added container security and compliance controls as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform customers deploy container-based apps in production.”

As a certified container security platform for Red Hat OpenShift, the Aqua Container Security Platform can be deployed natively with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat Atomic Host and Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments while offering image assurance, runtime controls, added protection against attacks, as well as increased visibility and compliance for containerized applications. Aqua also supports Windows containers, which Red Hat recently announced will also be supported on OpenShift. The Aqua-Red Hat offering enables customers to:

  • Manage risk in the container development pipeline: Aqua works with the Red Hat OpenShift Registry and other CI/CD tools to continuously verify that DevOps teams do not introduce vulnerabilities, bad configurations, and secrets into container images, and prevents unauthorized images from running in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environments.
  • Build and enforce security policies: Aqua uses machine learning to whitelist normal container behavior and ensures that containers only do what they are supposed to do in the application context. It alerts on and prevents policy violations around usage of host resources, role-based user access, and network activity, and defends against specific attack vectors.
  • Achieve visibility and compliance for Red Hat OpenShift containerized applications: Aqua monitors container activity in real-time, providing full visibility and audit trail for containers deployed in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environments, logging events such access attempts, network access, running executables, privilege escalations and more.
  • Securely inject secrets into containers: Aqua enables DevOps teams to inject secrets — such as passwords, keys and tokens — into containers in runtime, with no container downtime. It integrates with popular enterprise secrets stores and makes it easy to manage, rotate, and revoke secrets in containers, running only in memory with no storage on disk.

“Aqua’s vision is to make security ubiquitous in container-based environments, and our ongoing collaboration with Red Hat is key to achieving that,” said Upesh Patel, VP, Business Development at Aqua Security. “We are seeing Red Hat OpenShift gaining strong interest among in our enterprise accounts.”

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