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Escalation Manager

Ramat-Gan, Israel · Full Time

About The Position

The Escalation Manager is a critical customer service role within Support organization. Working internally with R&D, Success Managers, Sales and Support, as well as externally with Customers to coordinate and drive the resolution of critical technical issues, provide timely and accurate updates regarding these issues, and provide important details on the status of the customer relationship with senior management.

The escalation manager serves as quarterback. Allocate relevant resources, ensure priorities are set and provide constant updates and conduct postmortem after each escalation to ensure future prevention. Furthermore, the escalation manager will work to identify potential escalations and prevent them ahead of time. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain a prioritized issue list and action plan to drive resolution to critical issues.
  • Hold scheduled conference calls with assigned customer accounts to understand the business impacts of key critical issues, and report back on the current status of those issues.
  • Coordinate resources throughout Support organization to address the action plan for assigned accounts.
  • Report to senior management across Support organization and beyond to provide insight into the current state of the customer relationship with escalated accounts.


  • Ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with a variety of internal and external roles, from technical contributors to senior management
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong negotiation and objection handling skills
  • Ability to effectively manage crisis situations
  • Ability to manage customer expectations clearly, concisely, and in summary format
  • Ability to effectively identify and manage a list of issues from inception to resolution
  • Understanding of cross-functional relationships and processes critical to driving issue resolution
  • Ability to effectively lead and work with cross-functional teams for complaint investigation, root cause analysis, identification, and implementation of corrective/preventative actions

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