Software Supply Chain Security

A unified security solution protecting the integrity of the software throughout the entire DevOps CI CD pipeline.

As part of the Aqua platform, software development can confidently be secured all the way from code to runtime - ensuring maximum output without compromising development speed for safety.

Pipeline discovery

Enhancing existing “shift left” capabilities by adding security capabilities and checks within code repositories and packages further up the chain.

Risk detection

Ensuring code integrity throughout the supply chain with new security gates for code-commit, build, and deploy.

Release with confidence

Secures the CI/CD toolchain preventing abuse and insertion of malicious code.

Universal scanner by Trivy 

Go beyond shift-left and scan code as it’s created with the power of Aqua Trivy universal scanner. Obtain precise comprehensive coverage, continual visibility, rigorous assessment, and integral remediation of threats and vulnerabilities.

Secrets, IaC, OS vulnerabilities and licenses, docker, pipeline

Connects developers where they work and ensures no stone is unturned while adopting IaC. Automated best IaC practices to mitigate issues and provides fixes that can be directly merged into code. 

Dependencies policy engine (open-source health)

The lack of visibility and transparency into proprietary and open-source dependencies exacerbates security and compliance risks.

Software supply chain compliance

Production efficiency increases with CI/CD, so does security neglect. Validate signed artifacts with automated checks on each download to guarantee the origin of each package is secured.

Build-time security

Ensure SBOMs are built along with software artifacts generating SBOMs during the software build process.

SBOM and release governance

SBOMs are an essential tool in your security and compliance toolbox. They help continuously verify software integrity and alert stakeholders to security vulnerabilities and policy violations.