Protect Workloads in Serverless Containers and Functions

Extend security across the cloud-native spectrum, enabling elastic, efficient deployment with security and compliance for services such as AWS Fargate and Lambda.

Modernize applications with confidence

Reap the benefits of scalable, efficient microservices while controlling risk and maintaining regulatory compliance

Centralize control over
code deployment

Manage and enforce security policies across cloud native architectures and diverse deployment models

Maintain and prove compliance

Track, monitor and audit vulnerabilities,
sensitive data and privileges in containers and serverless functions

Aqua provides extensive lifecycle and runtime controls to secure serverless container services (AWS Fargate, Azure Container Instances) and serverless functions (such as AWS Lambda), allowing to manage vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and protect workloads at runtime.

Vulnerability Management
in Images and Functions

Comprehensively scan container images and serverless functions for known vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, OSS licensing issues, malware, and configuration issues.

Injecting Security into
Serverless Containers

Aqua’s MicroEnforcer injects security controls into the container, either during build or as part of a deployment task, to create self-protecting containers.

Unified Security Policy
for CaaS and FaaS

Manage hybrid cloud-native applications that use containers and functions from a single console, providing flexibility and control.