Docker Security

Securing Docker Applications

Aqua provides scalable security controls and secret management for Docker environments that allow optimal, contextualized hardening and runtime protection of the entire stack.
Runtime Container Protection
Restrict Docker container access to host and network resources, detect and prevent configuration errors, exploits and attacks.
Continuous Image Assurance
Vulnerability and malware scan for images stored in Docker Hub or Docker Trusted Registry.
CIS Benchmark Validation
Automated checks and validation of hardening best practices by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).
Secrets Management
Securely manage secrets across your environment, regardless of orchestration tool. Integrates with most 3rd party stores and injects secrets into containers only as they are run, with zero downtime.
Default Security Profiles
Secures popular official images ’out of the box’, provided and updated by our research team.
Granular Event Logging
View all access, Docker commands, container activity and system events.
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