Runtime Protection

Container Runtime Protection

As containers move into production, Aqua allows security teams and DevOps to gain real-time visibility into container activity, restrict container access to host and network resources, detect and prevent configuration errors, exploits and attacks.

Automated Policy Creation

Automatically create security policies based on container behavior, allowing to detect anomalies in runtime.

Application-Level Management

Manage security controls and network isolation at the application level, seamlessly derive application topology from orchestration tools.

Container-Level Access Control

Control which specific containers a user is allowed to view and access across your entire environment, even in multi-tenant setups.

Full Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into all container activity, including user access, executables, run/stop status, access to files and more.

Container Isolation

Lock down container activity to permit only legitimate behaviors, preventing many types of ‘East-West’ contamination and privilege abuse.

Prevent Malicious Behavior

Identify malicious behavior in real-time, and stop attacks before they spread to other systems.