Protect VMs Across Cloud Native Environments

Automate VM security in private, public & hybrid cloud environments, with a policy-driven approach, and visibility across containers, serverless & VM-based workloads

Control the configuration of cloud VMs

Keep VMs configuration immutable, protecting Linux and Windows machines against drift and tampering.

Ensure VM compliance: PCI-DSS, HIPAA & SOC2

Scan for vulnerabilities and malware, use File Integrity Monitoring, create granular audit trails.

Protect against network attacks & user abuse

Detect and prevent network traversal attempts, and monitor for suspicious user logins and activity.

Cloud VMs are increasingly deployed and managed using automation, making them similar to other cloud native workloads – the “cattle” vs. “pets” approach. Aqua provides a modern, lightweight, and automated approach to securing VMs, that avoids the complexity and performance impact of legacy host security solutions.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Monitor files and paths for any change. Blacklist files and directories to prevent read/write/execute commands.

Vulnerability and Malware Scanning

Automatically scan VMs for known vulnerabilities, malware, OSS licensing issues, and exposed “secrets”.

Security Configuration Best Practices

Automatically check OS configuration against the CIS Benchmark for Linux, ensuring that your VMs are properly hardened.

User Activity Monitoring

Track user access, attempted logins, and full command arguments. Blacklist or whitelist users and groups based on LDAP/AD identity.

Workloads Micro-Segmentation

Discover and automatically create firewall rules for your VM, container, and serverless workloads.
Secure Cloud VMs with Aqua CSP