Aqua News Vast majority of cyber-attacks on cloud servers aim to mine cryptocurrency

An analysis of one year’s worth of cyber-attacks recorded in cloud honeypot servers reveals that the vast majority of hackers target cloud infrastructure with the purpose of deploying crypto-mining malware rather than exfiltrate sensitive corporate information, set up DDoS infrastructure, or other forms of cybercrime.

According to Aqua Security’s 2020 Cloud Native Threat Report, which tracked and analyzed 16,371 attacks between June 2019 and July 2020, attacks against cloud systems exploded at the start of the year when the company recorded a 250% jump in attacks from the previous year.

During these attacks, hackers tried to gain control over the honeypot servers and then download and deploy a malicious container image.

Aqua said that 95% of these images were aimed towards mining cryptocurrency, while the rest were used for setting DDoS infrastructure, something that has not been a common occurrence until recently.

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