Container security

Container, Serverless and Cloud Native Security Flash – June 19

Now that the DockerCon, KubeCon and KubeSec co-located event are behind us, this space continues its hyper-fast race with new versions of Kubernetes 1.15, and Docker EE 3.0. An update to the Amazon EKS Cluster Kubernetes Version, Istio 1.2, GitLab 12.0, and Aqua 4.2 secures all of them. Here’s all the news about containers, serverless, and cloud native applications.

To learn more about what’s cooking in the CNCF watch this interview with Liz Rice (Aqua, TOC chairperson) and Jeff Brewer (Intuit, TOC member) talking about the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Watch on SiliconANGLE theCUBE ›