Keep Your Applications Performant and Secure

Detect and fix security issues early to prevent escalated security incidents in production.

Monitor Security Events Using a Pre-Built Aqua Dashboard

Leverage Datadog’s pre-built Aqua dashboard to view security metrics and events gathered by Aqua. Using this dashboard, you can monitor images queued to be scanned for vulnerabilities, secrets malware and other security issues. You can also track the number of Aqua Enforcers deployed on a host or cluster node and monitored by Aqua, as well as the number of running containers identified and protected by Aqua.

Automate Alerts and Trigger Actions

Use Datadog’s anomaly detection to customize how you monitor the security posture using Aqua’s granular security information regarding known vulnerabilities and security issues in your images, containers running from unauthorized images, and runtime policy violations.

View security metrics and events gathered by Aqua

Get granular insights on images in your scan queue, image vulnerabilities, policy violations, audit events, and the number of running containers seen and protected by Aqua