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Setting Sail: Keeping a Weathered Eye on the Horizon of Cloud Security

Setting Sail: Keeping a Weathered Eye on the Horizon of Cloud Security

As I hoist the sail on this new journey with Aqua, I was asked why did I join? Why am I thrilled to be part of this organization and what is it about Aqua’s approach to safeguarding cloud native systems that resonates with me?  For close to 20 years I have experienced building, transforming, and leading go-to-market teams within software and SAAS companies, but it was Aqua’s commitment to solving the intricacies of cloud native security that made my decision to join clear.  

I’ve seen the significant risks and obstacles in fortifying the infrastructure for today’s enterprise businesses. Yet three areas stand out that challenge businesses who need to secure their cloud native environment, the rise of sophisticated technologies that empower adversaries, the demand for tailored solutions to boost agility and precision across diverse settings, and the essential need to partner with experts who have deep expertise in securing cloud native environments.  

Sophisticated new technologies empower adversaries  

Vulnerability management has long been a cornerstone of responsible security practices, especially within infrastructure, systems, and applications, and it’s widely embraced. However, there’s an urgent need to dive deeper into understanding the risks associated with the modern cloud native development pipeline and supply chain. This understanding must extend to how these risks manifest as threats in production environments. Moreover, it’s crucial to implement comprehensive controls to thwart unknown malicious activities. 

Additionally, adversaries are becoming more capable, using advanced technologies, like AI, to attack business and reshape how we think about security. AI uplevels these adversaries unprecedented capabilities, enabling coordinated attacks with enhanced precision, speed, and scalability. These advancements empower threat actors to exploit defense gaps and evade traditional detection more effectively.  

The meteoric rise in cloud native development underscores the urgent need for a purpose-built approach designed to preserve availability while protecting from malicious activity. It’s additionally evident that relying solely on conventional tactics is no longer sufficient in today’s evolving threat landscape. As a result, organizations must adopt a modern approach to cybersecurity that is designed for cloud native architectures, supply chain development processes, and cooperative enforcement of prevention policies from code to cloud. 

Tailoring solutions for agility and precision 

Customers know their challenges can’t be solved with a simple shrink-wrapped solution or “bolted together platform,” and one size fits all does not fully exist – yet. They seek partnerships that can help them design solutions that fit their needs, that can secure the complexities of their unique environments, and that are nimble enough to tailor solutions to meet the demands of cloud native efficiencies. 

Aqua recognizes the diverse and non-standard environments in which companies operate. The product is designed to meet customers where they are, whether conventional, hybrid or sophisticated, ensuring flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements. Having dedicated eight years to developing solutions that cater to the complexities of cloud native technology stacks, Aqua boasts unrivaled experience in the field. Their commitment to supporting a wide array of containers and deployment methods sets them apart, ensuring they can meet the needs of the largest global enterprises. 

By fostering collaborative design partnerships, Aqua ensures that its solutions fit each client’s specifications. In an age where stopping threats is required, Aqua’s focus on agility and precision resonates strongly, and provides businesses the confidence to navigate the complexities of their runtime environments and proactively safeguard their assets. 

Exemplary expertise: Delving deeper than surface solutions 

Aqua’s expertise lies within the intricacies of cloud native security, a domain where traditional solutions leave cracks of daylight for exposure. This understanding of the complexity of modern cloud environments has led them to develop purpose-built solutions, rather than attempting to repackage a legacy approach. 

Moreover, Aqua’s approach to security goes beyond good-enough. It provides extensive functionalities to anticipate and address the evolving needs of its clients. Whether it’s integrating insights from the Aqua Nautilus research team or implementing features like behavioral analysis to assist security teams in identifying and mitigating high-priority attacks, Aqua prioritizes depth and customer satisfaction.

This dedication to depth and a customer-first mentality was a driving factor in my decision to join the Aqua team. As highlighted in my recent appointment announcement, Aqua’s track record speaks for itself. For over eight years, they have been the go-to choice for the world’s largest enterprises seeking robust protection against cloud native threats. This expertise is especially crucial in today’s landscape, where the adoption of cloud native environments continues to grow and mature rapidly. 

In the realm of cloud security, breadth alone is not enough. What sets Aqua apart is its ability to go deep, providing solutions that are finely tuned to the nuances of modern cloud infrastructures. By focusing on this depth of expertise, Aqua ensures that its customers receive not just a surface-level shield, but a comprehensive defense against the ever-evolving threats of the digital landscape. 

An unwavering commitment to delivering excellence  

As I embark on this journey, our focus remains steadfast on enriching the overall experience for those we serve. At the heart of our dedication lies the recognition that for Aqua, customer-centricity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. It permeates every aspect of the organization, from strategy to execution. I am committed to maintaining that we are laser-focused on showing up better, on working alongside our customers, and on empowering them to achieve their goals. 

To prospective customers, I extend an invitation to join us on this journey, to experience firsthand our unwavering commitment to excellence. In the complex tapestry of our industry, partnerships are the threads that bind us together. We recognize the strategic importance of collaboration, and we are committed to nurturing and expanding our network of partners. Together, we can better serve our customers, anticipate their needs, and chart a course towards mutual success. 

As we move forward, let us remember that our customers are not just the heart of our business; they are the compass that guides us. With their needs as our North Star, we will continue to innovate, to evolve, and be their partner in delivering excellence every day. This is my goal, my commitment as we set sail into a new horizon. 

Mike Dube
Mike Dube is the CRO at Aqua Security. With over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Aqua and has been successful in scaling, enabling, and coaching high-performing teams at both hypergrowth and mega-scale organizations. Prior to Aqua, Dube served as the VP, North America, Strategic Sales at CrowdStrike where he built a strategic sales team and was recognized with an America Senior Leadership Award. Before that, he held various Sales Leadership roles at Splunk, Cybereason and Check Point Software.