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Unleashing Scale for Hybrid Cloud: Aqua to Protect Containerized Environments on LinuxONE 4 Express

Unleashing Scale for Hybrid Cloud: Aqua to Protect Containerized Environments on LinuxONE 4 Express

We are excited to announce the upcoming support of the Aqua Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAPP) on IBM Z and LinuxONE, alongside IBM’s unveiling of its new LinuxONE 4 Express system. Support of the Aqua Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAPP) on IBM Z and LinuxONE will be available in 1Q 2024.

IBM is unveiling its new LinuxONE 4 Express system available globally on Feb. 20, 2024. Powered by IBM’s Telum processor, this new system expands the performance, security and AI capabilities of IBM LinuxONE to small and medium sized businesses and within new data center environments. This can potentially bring Aqua clients significant cost savings and is designed to remove the guess work for clients when it comes to spinning up workloads quickly and getting started with the platform.

As enterprise businesses look to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy, many are faced with challenges in protecting their containerized business critical workloads from malicious attacks, while balancing the need for flexibility, innovation, and keeping the cost of ownership at bay.

LinuxONE’s infrastructure offerings, when combined with container technologies, enable enterprise businesses ease of adapting a hybrid, highly scalable approach to their architectures, particularly in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and government where the use of public cloud-based Kubernetes infrastructure might not be the preferred approach.

The complexity and dynamic nature of a containerized environment

Container security requires a different approach compared to security in traditional environments. This is something Aqua is keenly aware of as container security has been our focus for over 8 years.

Containerized environments, typically orchestrated by systems like Kubernetes, have a fundamentally different architecture compared to traditional VM-based infrastructures. The transitory nature of these architectures makes applying security difficult, as containers are often being created and dismantled in response to demand. This rapid change in the environment can be challenging for traditional security tools to keep up with, as they are designed for more static environments.

It is this complexity and dynamic nature of a containerized environment that requires container security to be fully automated. An important step to automating security and embedding it into all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is to implement security controls as part of the continuous delivery lifecycle used to build and release containerized applications.

Aqua’s solution spans the entire SDLC and is designed to provide end-to-end protection for your container workloads, regardless of where they are deployed to secure the build pipeline, images, host machines, container runtimes (such as Docker or  containerd), container platforms and orchestrators (such as Kubernetes), and application layers.

Protecting environments with the Aqua Platform

The Aqua Platform unifies cloud native applications so that these highly regulated industries can potentially see and stop attacks, creating a single source of truth, enabling seamless collaboration across teams, and giving everyone the context to prioritize and fix what’s most important.

With many banks relying on Aqua to secure their containerized environments, this only confirms our commitment to strengthen security across application modernization initiatives. Our partnership with IBM highlights our commitment to providing cloud-native security for regulated industries, and this technical integration helps ensure resilience for organizations embracing container technologies.

The relationship between Aqua Security and IBM, which includes work with Consulting and IBM Power Systems, now extends to IBM Z/LinuxONE and takes our work to an exciting new level.

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