User Access Control

User Access Control

Many users – including developers, administrators, DevOps and auditors – access containers at different stages of the pipeline. However, the default access controls are insufficient and not scalable. Aqua provides a fine-grained access control model that enforces access privileges at the container level from development to production, providing full accountability.

RBAC Policies

Define user access privileges according to role, allowing or preventing specific actions such as view, run, stop, view logs, and more.

Container-Level Granularity

Control which specific containers a user is allowed to view and access across your entire environment, even in multi-tenant setups.

Least Privilege Baseline

Enforces a ‘least privilege’ default even if no defined policies are in place, restricting containers’ admin access only to their owners.

Orchestration-Driven Policy

Derive user access privileges based on application definitions in your orchestration system.

Full User Accountability

Identify and trace the actual end-user identity behind the container account, with full audit trail and accountability.

Integrates with AD/LDAP

Derive roles and privileges from existing AD/LDAP groups, and authenticate users.
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