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Frontend Developer

Ramat-Gan, Israel

About The Position

We are looking for a talented software engineer to join our team, responsible for developing the frontend of Aqua's SaaS management console - a multi-component system with many responsibilities across cloud and container security services.  

In this role, you will take great part on extending the UI for Aqua’s SaaS management console, work with the UX team, and bring your UI experience to the Aqua’s team. In addition you will be involved in developing the server side, across the entire application stack: SQL queries, business logic, background processes, REST APIs and web-based user interfaces. We are using cutting-edge technologies in an environment that encourages new ideas and experimentation.

Our SaaS team is building a state-of-the-art cloud and container security platform used by thousands of developers, businesses, and enterprises to keep their workloads secure. Our platform consists of multiple microservices based on Go, Node.js, MySQL, and MongoDB on the backend and Vue.js on the frontend. We use open source, container, and serverless technologies such as AWS API Gateway and Lambda and deploy our code to production hundreds of times per week using modern CI/CD. 


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or equivalent experience  
  • 5+ years of experience in frontend (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) experience – A Must 
  • Previous experience writing UI components with REST API backends – A Must 
  • Experience building SPA's using one of the following frameworks: Vue.js (preferred), Angular, React 
  • Experience with a CSS precompiler (e.g., SASS, SCSS, or Less) is preferred 
  • Experience with a state management library (e.g., Vuex or Redux) 
  • Experience working with other developers using a source control system such as Git, Mercurial, SVN, etc. 
  • Experience maintaining open-source projects is an advantage (send us your portfolio!) 
  • Knowledge of writing in a high-level language such as Python, Go, JavaScript (NodeJS), Perl, Ruby, Java, etc. is a plus 
  • Knowledge of container platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Rkt is a plus 
  • Knowledge of AWS, Azure, GCP, or other cloud environments is a plus 
  • Other nice-to-haves: webpack, component libraries, JQuery, Quasar 

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