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Backend Tech Lead

Ramat-Gan, Israel · Full-time

About The Position

We are building a new state of the art security solution for the “hottest” computing trend, the cloud service that enjoys the highest growth rate in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud platforms also known as serverless functions (Function-as-a-Service) . The new solution will complement Aqua’s leading security platform for large enterprises in software containers.

It’s a rare opportunity to build a new solution from scratch in the hottest cloud-computing environment for leading Enterprises of the Fortune100 list.

 We are looking for a talent(!) to lead the development of our new solution - a multi-component system with many responsibilities, performing various background jobs and large-scale data processing; supplying REST APIs, a web based UI and more.

In this role, you will lead and recruit a team of developers that will develop a state of the art security solution for serverless environment. You will cooperate with our research team in designing the new solution and will develop it from its very beginning: writing features across the entire application stack: SQL queries, business logic, background processes, REST APIs and web-based user interfaces.

At Aqua, you will not be writing code for in-house applications. You will be writing code for large technology companies, banks, government agencies and multi-national chains.

Our product is composed of multiple components, mostly installed on-premise in our customer's cloud environments, but also has SaaS components, plugins for various CI/CD systems and many more. Almost everything runs inside containers. It is written in Go - an exciting new language from Google, and heavily depends on free software/open source components. Our web UI is currently written in AngularJS. We are primarily a Linux company, but our software also supports Windows and Mac. Our R&D team is comprised of both young and experienced developers who love what they do. We are using cutting-edge technologies in an environment that encourages new ideas and experimentation.


  • Track record of delivering various features in large-scale applications or core systems.
  • Experience writing multi-component systems or micro-services, with architectures requiring efficient inter-application communication.
  • Experience writing in a high-level language such as Go, C, Rust, Python, Ruby, etc.. If you're already writing Go, or spent a weekend debugging the worst memory leak ever, that's a big plus.
  • Experience writing APIs (either RESTful or not) and RPCs. Experienced with the IaaS environment, various services and its eco-system is a must. If you've written Cloud application, dealt with IAM roles, API gateway, debugged ELB or received SNS notification in the middle of the night we want you (to deal with them again). If you have experience with Cloud security best practices, we want you!
  • Experience with Serverless eco-system, writing regular Lambda or Azure functions to improve your Alexa skills is what we do when we wake at night (or stay up late). Serverless frameworks and runtimes are a plus. If you can name one way in which a serverless is different than a regular container, you're golden.
  • Are you a free software/open source nerd? Do you maintain open source projects? Are you a Hacker News reader? Do you remember the days when you had to compile your own Linux kernel? Do you believe it should be called GNU/Linux? Have you ever been in a fight with an Emacs user? Are you an Emacs user? well do we have the job for you!

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